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“The mission of the Ohio Board of Dietetics is to effectively protect the public by regulating the practice of dietetics through licensure, and by fairly and consistently enforcing the laws and rules governing nutritional practices.”

The Board accomplishes its mission as follows: 

  1. Establishes standards of professional responsibility and practice for Ohio dietitians: The Board may impose disciplinary actions on licensees who fail to maintain these standards and may result in the revocation of the privilege to practice.
  2. Issues licenses and permits: Board staff review all applicants to determine compliance with minimal qualifications as specified in Chapter 4759.06 ORC. Upon recognition of this compliance, the Board may issue a license or permit to practice.
  3. Investigates complaints and determines disciplinary action: The Board has statutory authority to receive, review and investigate complaints concerning its licensees. Licensing of dietitians in Ohio is mandatory and anyone practicing dietetics, as defined in the law, must be licensed. Pursuant to Section 4759.09 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Board may provide a hearing to those allegedly practicing without an Ohio license.
  4. Administration of minimal competency examination: Requirements for Ohio dietitians require an individual applying for an Ohio license to pass a Board approved examination. The Board has recognized and approved a dietitian licensure examination offered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.
  5. Continuing education: Licensees are required to complete continuing education in order to remain current and competent in the practice as a result of continual changes in the provision of health care.
  6. Other duties: In addition, the Board is also required to manage a database on all licenses of the Board and make inquiries regarding the legal status of its licensees accessible to the public. The Board holds meetings to establish policies and perform other functions to accomplish the agency’s mission.

The Director/Executive Secretary is the chief administrative officer of the Board and responsible to the Board for the daily activities of its staff. The Director serves as official spokesperson for the Board.

The dietitian licensure law is a mandatory law, requiring all persons who practice dietetics in Ohio as defined in Chapter 4759 of the Ohio Revised Code to be licensed. Sec.4759.01(A) "The practice of dietetics" means any of the following:

  1. Nutritional assessment to determine nutritional needs and to recommend appropriate nutritional intake, including enteral and parenteral nutrition;
  2. Nutritional counseling or education as components of preventive, curative and restorative health care;
  3. Development, administration, evaluation and consultation regarding nutritional care standards.
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