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Filing a complaint

Anyone may complain to the Board alleging that a person has committed an action prohibited by Chapter 4759 of the Ohio Revised Code or the Ohio Administrative Rules. A person wishing to complain about a violation may direct a complaint to the Executive Secretary:

Ohio Board of Dietetics
77 South High Street, 18th floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6119

When submitting the complaint online, provide as much information as possible and attach any relevant documents.

Response to complaint

The Executive Secretary will respond to the complainant in writing and request completion of a complaint form if not already done. The Executive Secretary determines if the alleged violation is within the Board of Dietetics’ jurisdiction. The complainant will be informed of the disposition of the complaint.

Common allegations in complaints:

  • unlicensed practice
  • record of incompetent or negligent practice
  • failure to meet academic, pre-professional or examination requirements
  • failure to meet continuing education/professional development requirements
  • impairment as to the practice of dietetics
  • failure to meet criteria of exemption claimed
  • alteration or falsification of a dietitian license identification card

Investigation of complaint:

The Ohio Board of Dietetics investigates alleged violations of Chapter 4759 of the Revised Code and the Administrative Rules. In making its investigations, the Board may issue subpoenas, examine witnesses and administer oaths. The information collected during investigations is kept confidential. Once the facts are collected, investigative reports are prepared and confidentially presented to the Board for its consideration.

Board actions:

The Board notifies in writing any person determined by the Board to be in violation. The notification shall state that the person may request a hearing by the Board within the amount of time specified by the Board. If the person fails to request the hearing, or if the Board determines from the hearing that the person is practicing without a license, the Board may apply to the court of common pleas of the county in which the violation is occurring for an injunction or other appropriate restraining order to prohibit the continued violation.

In accordance with Chapter 119 of the Revised Code, the Board may refuse to issue, renew, suspend, revoke or impose probationary conditions upon any license or permit to practice dietetics.

The Board may propose a consent agreement in lieu of a hearing which may be entered into with agreement by both parties. The Board may warn, educate, advise and inform about the law for compliance.

The Board opens an average of 110 complaints per year. Many of the complaints end in voluntary compliance with education, information and warnings. For more complete statistics, refer to the Annual Reports.

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